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Joan and Don's 50th Wedding Anniversary, November 27th 1998
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Hello again,set out below is just a small look at who we are and what we and others's get up too.Some of the photo's are scanned from prints,others taken with a SONY MAVICA model MVC- FDC Digital Still Camera.Photo quality is not what it should be as I am still getting to grips with both the Camera and the scanner. One day I will get it right....??

This is the chap ( Stephen ) who has finaly been able to bring all this to you.It has been a lot of hard work for me due to a brain injury I have suffered, sometimes it has been so frustrating just to get one line of HTML to work..Must add if it wasn't for ANDREW it all would have been just a Idea.So too Andrew a BIG THANK YOU. we have got there..just.
Here I am with Barbara.She was my lovley wife for over 26yrs.But unfortuntely we grew apart,sad tho it was, we have since parted and are now both leading a new life.Barbara put up with me since I had the shake up of the Brain cells due to my head injury,I often wonder if what happend to me had a lot to do with our parting .But I do still have feeling for you and alway will.
Our pride and joy and what life has been all about over the last 23+years. Teresa on the left a school teacher who spent 4 years at the Dunedin University slaving away working towards (And no doubt having a good time) a Bachelor of Education ( BEd) and a Diploma in Teaching Primary. On the right is Dion who is in his Final year of many hangovers ! (1998) at the Dunedin University studying for a Bachelor of Surveying ( BSurv) .
Around the Dunedin Octagon bed race (1998) won of course by the Dunedin University Surveying students team. Dion is at the back??some where
Meal time at 909 Cumberland Street Dunedin (soon to be demolished )1998. Dion's flat mates
Friends childrens ( who we borrow some times to enjoy our life with because our own children are too old to do kidds stuff ) at Queens Park with (left to right ) Stephanie,Matthew,Phillipa, Had a great time with the Camera
Matthew in the Dafodil's,spring 1998 Queens Park Invercargill
Just cruising ashore, Phillipa in the cold surf (note the Wet suit) at Oreti Beach Invercargill October 1998
Andrew in a happy mood after school, just had something to eat to recharge the brain cells,For Andrew,This Pic is just for you
Our feline friend the real cat. Spook..
Another one of our feiline friends....Boots..The agrophobic cat,hates going out side.
In flight shot of a Silver eye coming into land,a very random shot as the birds move so fast