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Joan and Don Mead, their 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Hello from all of Mum and Dad's Children


First of all I must say from all of us, and no doubt others that know you both, here is a very big CONGRATULATIONS on reaching your fifty years of married life together

Please excuse the haste this page was put together but I want to get the pics posted with out much fuss,so to check out the fun we all had. Just click on the name of the picture.

Mum and dad

Family gathering at last

All of us on the big day

Mum and the girls,Debbie,Diana,Angela

Dad and Debbie having a yarn

Mum and Barbara think something is funny

Is it a bird or a plane??? no its Action man with Debbie and Sonja

You have floppy cheeks Jeff.

Blair !! if you have one more Gin I'm going to poke your eye out Jeff said,Grant prepares for the action .Mark wonders whats going on ,Debbie's still yapping ,Sonja looks serious,It was all in good fun :)

Barbara and Mum wonder what is going on ,Whilst Debbie and Diana carry on yapping

Angela just back from the Limo ride .How many wine's was it ???.

Grant, Mark,Stephen...I wonder why we are all the same DAD !

The two who made it all happen esp getting Mum and Dad down to Christchurch. They shure can tell big fibbs,well done !


Debbie realy realy realy like this stuff.

Debbie and Diana say hello to Mark

Dad,Stephen and Mum get together again

The morning after in the Bus at the camping ground,lots of coffee,water and tea please, Also Grants Birthday as well

Jeff and Angela,the two in Christchurch who did it all that end.a Big thank you

Debbie and Mark have a laugh

Grant and Stephen having a bit of a laugh

Three bald ones or three ?

Sonja, Stephen and Debbie the one with the long tongue

Breakfast the morning after, Thank you Jeff and Angela

Sonja, Liz and Mum

Mark and Action Man