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Hello, I have put this page together to show a small part of my family history.In the early to mid 50s my Mum and Dad, Don And Joan Mead were one of two families on the island.They had with them three very young sons Stephen ( thats me), Grant and Mark.I intend to include a few stories of the past on a later page.

Tallest lighthouse in NewZealand at 36 meters.Designed byJames Balfour(uncle of Robert Louis Stevenson) Built in 1865.Balfour had trained with the British lighthouse construction firm D&T.Stevenson.Tower was constucted of stone from the island.Lined and cased in concrete in 1918.
Photo taken from the top of the tower looking towards the town of Bluff the main Port of Southland
Original foundation stone,well weathered
Situated in Foveaux strait at a Latitude: 46 degree's 39 min South and at a Longitude:168 degree's 25 min East, 4.8 kms from the port of Bluff is a low-laying island with the unusual name of Dog Island.On it is one of the first light houses to be erected in New Zealand.
Fitted in 1925 the main light unit flashed three times every 27 seconds, visible 18 nautical miles.This was a kerosene mantle light unit floating in a bath of Mercury rotated by falling weights,which had to be hand wound back up the tower every hour . Converted to Electricity in October 1954.Light unit removed in 1989, Now fitted with a high powered light, fully automatic electronic fail safe system with a white flash at a rate of once every 10 seconds.Range of 19 nautical miles or 35 kilometers
Lister diesel generators. Air Cooled very noisy.Provided power to the light and to the keeper's quarters .
Old keepers living quarters that I used to live when i was a very young child I remember the coal range and kerosene fridge.There was a very high hedge right around the house .My mother lost a gold ring there many years ago so if You have found it let me know
A replacement keepers house that was built to house the last keeper and his family.Now no longer in use as in 1989 the last of the keepers were withdrawn.
Last Keeper to the left and Don Mead reminice the old days.Polishing all that glass and brass.winding the weights,pulling the curtains at dusk and day break,weather reports,milking the cow,making bread etc and not forgetting to light the light
View from tower to the Eastern side of the Island.Down below towards the beach you can see a rocky section,this is where the stone was quaried to build the tower
Last Keeper to the left and to the right my father ponders how many times he has climbed all those 147 steps