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Light unit upgrade

This drawing and picture of the tower at Dog Island was sent to me by Mark Gilchrist who was in volved in the upgrading of the tower light unit many thanks as this give a over view of the size of the tower.As you can see it the dimensions are in metric

To the top left of the drawing can be seen the position of the Up graded Lightning protection,this now consists of Dynosphere air termination unit on a three metre suport pole.The unit can now be seen on the roof of the picture of the tower.

Now for the light upgrade,The old electrical lamp was a 240 volt 1000 watt lamp that was situated with in the glass prism lense unit, this was in service for many years untill technology improved to enable it to be replaced by a VEGA INDUSTRIES LIMITED VRB-25 prefocused tungsten halogen type rotating beacon (12volt 50 watt). Notice the reduction of power from the last light. This light unit is rated to be mounted out side in the elements but in this case it has been mounted where the old lamp / lense assembly was mounted .The old lense and light assembly was removed and is now in a museum in Wellington .If any one comes across it please let me know .

To enable the light unit to function a SOLAR array was installed to the side of the tower at ground level ,this provides the main power supply to the light via regulators and storage batteries.The array is comprised of 6 Reid Technology Limited BP283 Solar modules (12volt 83 watt).These solar pannels are wired as two seperate groups feeding two seperate battery banks. This array is backed up by diesel electric generators in case of a prolonged peroid with little or no sun . ( Do we get like that down here in this part of the world :) ?? Sometimes .