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Playing around with the Sony mavica camera when on a day trip to RIVERTON,Looking out in to FOVEAUX STRAIT
Sargeant Dan, a well known figure on the side wall of the Fleming's Mill in the rural town of Gore in Southland
Bridge over the Clutha river at the town of Balclutha. Bridge is a fully formed cast in concrete
Along the southern coast line at Riverton
On the beach around the coast from Riverton,trying out the Mavica camera.
Our Isuzu Camper on the land (ROCKMEAD)
Passing through KUROW we had to take a picture of this.A wet rainy day for the "Hay" family to be on a outing :)
Camper at FOX Glacier, west coast of the South Island New Zealand
The steepest street in the world, at 19 degrees or 1:2.86 Situated in the city of DUNEDIN south Island NEW ZEALAND
A well known Pub in DUNEDIN.many a student has been introduced to the university social life here. I wonder how much of the place do I own? Two of my children passed through University there
To the left is the first building (now the registry) to be built at the University complex in DUNEDIN.Designed by Maxwell Bury and Edmund Anscombe, work started in 1897.Building has been extended many times over that period.Leith river in the forground. Students have a bicycle race down there...!!! lots of fun. Surveying Students excel at this for some reason.Ask my son why ?
Robert Burns Statue as in place in the Octagon in the city of Dunedin, cast in bronze in 1884-86. Three others cast in steel one is now in New York Central Park,one on the Thames Embankment and another in Dundee. Founding father of Dunedin was a great nephew of the Scotish Poet
The double ended steam engine JOSEPHINE as displayed at the Otago Early Settlers Museum in the city of DUNEDIN