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SCOTIA (1864)

At 11.30 pm. on June 2, 1864 the steamer SCOTIA on a passage from Melbourne in Austrailia stranded on a reef off STIRLING POINT at the entrance to BLUFF harbour.Rocks had penetrated the vessel's bottom for several feet,but she was not damaged above the waterline.The passanger and their luggage were saved that night and the greater part of her cargo and along with the ships fittings were also salvaged over the following days.

Several months were spent by the Southland buyers of the hull trying to refloat the ship but to no avail, eventualy the steamer broke in two as her machinery was being removed.

The ships master was found guilty of negligence in not using the means in his power to inform himself as to the port he was about to bring the ship in to esp as it was strange and dark port. As the reef was marked and still is, the the master was guilty of running to close to a bright red light and to render useless any precaution which could be taken to render the harbour safe and accessible.