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Looking down and across the landscape follow the highway to the left into the Town of Alexandra in Central Otago
Facing South looking back up the hill Elderberry and Rosehip bushes in forground,Small creek runs through the gully. Boundry line runs up to top of ridge just to the center left but to the left of the large rock in the picture
Over view of land standing in middle of property looking down into the gully small creek runs from right to left. Bottom boundry is up and over the rocky rise and on until fence line of adjoining farm
Looking in a Easterly direction.Boundry runs from right to left just in front of the of the large rock to the right.Small pond is not on property
A grand over view looking back up the hill to wards the Old Man Range.Back boundry line runs from right to left behind the large rock formation along the top of the ridge. Rosehip bushes in the foreground

Rockmead !!.well it didnt take much thought to come up with a name for our piece of dirt and rocks,look around,we think the it fits Eg Lots of Rocks and the Mead bit is our name .It is placed on the map about 8 km out of the town of Alexandra in Central Otago.Why have a place like that??? For many years we Barbara & Stephen have wanted a place to get away from it all, a place of peace and quiet with a view,lots of sunshine,far enough from the coastal weather climes.

What are we going to do with it ?? Not much at this stage but we have dreams of building a fully self contained under ground or earth sheltered home .We intend to utilize as much as possible renewable (RE) energy systems during and after the construction phase.

As NewZealand is going through various local and district plan changes relating to the resource managment act (RMA) various councils are introducing guidelines to enable the areas to managed with in that act.Until local plans are up and running it will be logical to take a step back and to keep an eye on what is going on in local body areas. We have put forward a submission to the council for them to consider some changes to the proposed plan that we hope will enable people who are concerned for the enviroment to live in harmony with in local landscape.

If after you have read through this and can offer any advice pertaining to the above please feel free to "Email".
me and I will take note of anything that I think will be applicable .