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PELHAM (1886)

The steamer went ashore just off Look Out Point or Stirling Point on the August 9, 1886 became a total loss. The vessel was bound from Greymouth to Bluff. As the ship approached the port in fine weather sounding were being taken showing a water depth of four and a half fathoms the captain watched for signals from the a semaphore but none was forthcoming.

As soon as it was realized there were no signals the ship ran aground and started to pound on the sea bed.The port pilot boat came along side the ships engines were still going full ahead.The PELHAM was stuck fast....The following court of inquiry found that the master of ship had only been to the port of BLUFF once before and that he committed an error of judgement in attempting to enter the harbour before daylight.The court suspended the masters certificate for three months. It was stated that the pilot did not show any signals prior to coming along side the vessel.