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CENTER ISLAND ...In the dangerous approaches to Foveaux Strait between Stewart Island and the South Island of NewZealand at a Latitude:46 degree's 28 min South and a Longitude: 167 degree's 51 min East is Center Island Lighthouse.Construction was started in 1877 and continued through untill September 1878 when the lantern was first lit.

The tower built of Kauri timber is still in use today, the first lantern was fuel by Colza Oil but it was changed to Paraffin when the technology in light house lanterns and lenses improved thus enabling a stronger and increased brightnes, The lense's and lamp have since been replaced to a even more modern solarisation system in 1987,at that time the last of the keepers was withdrawn . The light is now control by computer from Wellington the capital city of NewZealand in the north Island.

The light house was home to three keepers and their families ,this dropped back to two families in 1950 when the island was converted to diesel electric.Then in 1970 it dropped back to just one keeper. The keepers were basicly self-sufficient in their requriments of day to day living although stores were taken to the island, a air strip was constructed in 1950s .In 1943 two keepers were drowned when they were on a fishing trip from the Island.As the island is situated in one of the roughest strait in the world there have been many search and rescue operations carried out in Foveaux Straigh involving the staff fom the island.

The tower stand 81 metres above sea level in a 12 metre high tower,a white light flashes every 15 seconds over a range of 19 nautical miles (35 Kilometres)As there are many dangerous reefs around the island there is a red sector fitted to the light , this can be seen for 15 nautical miles(28 kilometres)