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The Start of a long job.Prior to laying out scale model drawings were made to see if all would fit,after a lot of juggling around we started to lay out. Building the bed base's was the first item to tackle. Over head lockers next. Once a base line was found it was a simple case of measuring off that.Progress was slow as all construction was in timber,glued, screwed and nailed
The roof linning was removed any corrosion was treated.Frame work was then made up to form the basis of the overhead locker storage area.All insulation was refitted. Polystyrene sheeting is installed behind all vertical exterior wall linnings
Fresh water sytem consists of a 56 liter stainless steel tank mounted to the chassis.Cold water( No hot water system is fitted ) is piped to a 24volt pressure pump connected to a stainless steel accumulator. then up to a two way tap on the sink bench area. Waste tank of 64 litres is also bolted to the opposite side of the chassis. Green coiled wire is the earth wire for the metal sink.LP gas that enters via a hose up through the floor can be isolated by the use of the two taps
A two burner LP gas cooker is fitted to a slide out drawer.Gas supply is from two 12kg LP gas bottle'smounted in bottom vented lockers to the rear of camper.Low pressure gas is also piped to a LP gas fridge
False ceiling was made up and fitted, A Grant CB radio was installed along with reading lights and fresh air vents.Two speakers where also mounted up at the same time. The area above the driving cab is used for storage of bedding,blankets etc,accessable through a lift up door above opening into the drivers cab
Photo taken from the rear looking forward to the bench area. Below the bench but towards to door is a Three way (12-230 volt LP gas) fridge. To the rear of the fridge is a storage cupboard containing extra seat squab that is used for making up sleeping area,there is also room for the table top and leg,a fold out out door table and just squeezed in is a drying rack.Above the fridge is a small cupboard
Looking towards the back along the right hand side. All T&G timber is Ceder whilst the frame work is Pine .Where some extra strength was required pannels of partical board was used.To the left out of frame there is a bench fitted with a full size sink (I hate small sinks). Below bench are storage draws top draw contains the LP gas cooker two other storage draws below.
In the ceiling is fitted a lift up vent that comes in handy when the cooker is extended. Microwave is fitted above the bench. To the top left are two electrical meters,they are in the low voltage 12/24 volt electrical control panel.The front right tall cupboard contains the small food pantry,whilst the rear right contains the chemical toilet along with some more storage
The sound system is made up from a Pioneer CD head unit,Rockford amp driving two 6 inch by 9 inch 3 way pioneer speakers ( Two 6 inch two way fitted to drivers area) fitted to the under side of the over head lockers.A 10 inch Infinity subwoofer is fitted in a 1 cubic foot vented box between the two bed/settee units. This makes the place realy rock,has been tested to produce 112.4 Db.Not as loud as some systems, but enough to rattle the wood work if volume is wound up
Another view of under the bench area showing the water pump and storage area.Photo taken through door way whilst standing out side