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Native Bush along side Glory track on Bluff Hill. Track named after a sailing ship the Englands Glory that ran aground and sank at the harbour entrance in 1881.The Crew of which are reputed have made their way back to the town along this track hence the name.
Sign Post at Stirling point the Southern end of State Highway No 1.This is just one of many signs that have graced that spot over the years
Bluff (Motupohue) Port of Southland. Settled in 1824 by a James Spencer.This was one of the first settlement in New Zealand and the first to become a town
Just one of the many small fishing boats that are based at the Port of Bluff.Catches include Fish,Lobster's,Shell fish, this includes the famous Bluff Oyster best in the world
Tree Fern or Punga along side Glory Track The fern is one of NewZeland's national emblem's and can be seen in many styles
Tiwai Point Aluminium smelter across the harbour entrance to the port town of Bluff as seen from side of Bluff hill