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As I was only very young chap whilst my Mum and Dad where there many thoughts about the place are becomeing a little clouded,so please for give me if I tend to put down things as they pop up .

One of the first that come to mind is how we as a family used to go down to the South west side of the Island and gather coal up from the beach that used to be washed up after a storm from a ship wreck that happened a few year previously. The steam ship called the Waikouaiti came ashore on November 28th 1939, father maintained that the coal was a far superior than the coal that was used for everday use when it came to bread making time.When ever I smell fresh baked bread those thoughts come back to me .

As the light unit was constructed with many brass parts one of the keepers duties was to use vast amounts of metal polish.This had the effect of providing a few empty Brasso metal polish tins,what to do with them? Dad manages to recycle them in to play things,one I can remember well was that he soldered two empty tins side by side,removing the bottom,we then had a pair of binoculars.